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I accept: PayPal***, personal checks, certified checks, cashiers checks or money orders sent directly to my bank** and over the counter deposits (if you are close to Wells Fargo/Wachovia bank), wire transfers in USD to my US account, transfers via Western Union and cash in EURO or USD sent by registered letter (EU customers).
I do not accept: Direct Credit Card payments. 

Select payment option and e-mail me for details:

Please send me an e-mail* and tell me what knives you want and your preferred payment option. I will respond with total amount in USD or EURO (including shipping) and instructions. You can check the prices here. If you add your country of residence and state I will help you to choose the best way to send the payment.

Option 1 - Using PayPal:      PayPal accepted       Credit Cards over PayPal accepted

I now accept PayPal payments. Please add 7% to help me cover their fees and really bad exchange rate. Please
e-mail* me for my PayPal address - do not send any payments to this e-mail. I will only accept payments in USD and EURO.

Option 2 - Sending payment to my bank: **   Direct payments at WFB - US customers onlyDirect payments at Wachovia - US customers only

If you are in USA you can send payment directly to my account at Wells Fargo - Wachovia Bank. Check here for details. If you are close to any branch of Wells Fargo or (former) Norwest or Wachovia Bank (check here for locations) you can make cash over the counter deposit using the same account info.

Option 3 - Wiring payment to my bank:**

Wiring the money is another option but there are fees connected with it. If you want to wire the money to my WFB account - incoming fee ($11.00) must be added to total amount. Please e-mail* me for my account and routing information.

Option 4 - Sending payment via Western Union:     Western Union money transfers now accepted - e-mail for more info.

I accept payments via Western Union. Since they use their own currency exchange rate, 8% must be added to the total amount. Please e-mail* me for my address. You can send payment in any currency you want - I just need you to e-mail me the total amount transferred (in your currency) and Money Transfer Control Number.
Do not use the Test Question/Answer option and make sure I can withdraw the payment in local currency. Check Western Union
website for more info if needed.

Option 5 - Sending cash:

You can send cash (no coins) to me in Czech Republic via registered letter. If you are in EU you should be able to insure the letter for full amount. Make sure you use strong envelope and tape the seals and edges. Please e-mail* me for my address.

Sorry I cannot accept Credit Card payments.

For references please check my feedback on Bladeauction or BladeBid.

* When sending e-mail please make sure you write "MIKOV" in Subject line. Otherwise the e-mail will not be delivered. Thank you. ** US customers only.

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