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01/23 2007: Mikov auto with tools + utility blade available now.

10/28 2006: Left handed models of Mikov autos with UTILITY blade available.. Black or yellow scales.

08/19 2006: All Mikov kits are now available also with pocket clip (please add 5.00 USD).

06/26 2006: All Mikov autos can be ordered with UTILITY blade (also in RWL-34 and Damascus).

06/15 2006: Mikov auto with utility blade + black or yellow ABS scales available.

03/09 2006: New DA Tactical Leverlettos available. 10 of each model in stock.

03/09 2006: Stag, Cocobolo and Snakewood Leverlettos available again.

02/20 2006: New Mikov auto with black ABS scales + dagger blade + pocket clip available.

01/20 2006: Turkish Walnut scales (rough cut) available with kits. 15.00 USD a set.

01/20 2006: New Mikov auto with yellow ABS scales + utility blade + pocket clip available.

10/12 2005: EXCLUSIVE Mikov rescue knives with swapped blades available. Limited number.

09/23 2005: All 246 NH1 + 246 NH3 rescue knives now have pocket clips.

08/31 2005: New models with blade + 4 tools (2 openers, saw and corkscrew) available.

07/14 2005: Limited edition of Speedhunters with dyed and stabilized horse bone available.

07/07 2005: Damascus Mikov autos with UTILITY blade available.

06/20 2005: Mikov auto kits with utility blade available. Check here. In Damascus too.

06/20 2005: New  241 NP5 model available. Includes: blade, openers, saw and corkscrew.

06/20 2005: Production rescue knife - English model - check here.

06/20 2005: Left handed Utility knives now in stock. Check EXCLUSIVE button.

06/08 2005: Production rescue knives ready - check  HERE (scroll down).

05/23 2005: All new Mikov autos now have double spring (two springs instead of one).

05/14 2005: All Damascus and RWL-34 knives can be ordered with rear bolsters (+ 20.00 USD).

04/25 2005: New Mikov autos with  UTILITY blade finally available. Please see Price list.

10/17 2004: Check here for 4 prototypes of autos with utility blade. More: 1   2.

10/04 2004: SpeedHunters with light horn now available (also with stag and dark horn).

09/24 2004: Kits with rear bolster (filework, exclusive grind) available now.

09/24 2004: Mikov autos with damascus and dyed stabilized bone - 309.00 USD.

09/03 2004: AKC Speed Hunters (First Run) available now - please see Price list.

08/31 2004: Prototypes of rescue knives ready - check here:  1  2  3 and let me know.

08/31 2004: Exclusive line of autos with rear bolster. Check EXCLUSIVE button.

08/09 2004: Special edition of RWL-34 knives - check special edition page.

08/09 2004: Left handed RWL-34 knives available on order - check price list.

07/16 2004: Talkblade forum Mikov autos all sold out. Only 40 pieces made.

July 2004: Exclusive Mikov autos with damascus blade and Snakewood scales - 319.00 USD.

June 2004:  RWL-34 kits now available for 165.00 USD shipped (including cocobolo scales).

June 2004: The RWL-34 knives are available now. Also with Turkish walnut scales.

May 2004: New Damascus auto with  green bone scales + damascus bolsters + lever.

March 2004: Mikov autos with RWL 34 blades (numbered: 1-15) sold out now.

February 2004: Complete kits (with finished cocobolo scales) added.

February 2004: Damascus autos with exotic wood scales available on order

February 2004: Left handled kits available, also kits with cork screw (NK4) available.

January 2004: Left handled singlebladed autos available - stainless and damasucs.

November 2003: All knives have custom springs and thicker lever.

Summer 2003: All autos shipped with spring removed (in the same package) - instructions included.